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SUNSTATE FORKLIFT TRAINING |  2/2 Dual Avenue, Warana, Sunshine Coast | Queensland | Australia | +61 07 54379941

SUNSTATE LICENCE COURSE - $279 - 5 hours + 2 hours online theory
Sunstate is a licence course that you need to complete to obtain your RE, R or REA (scooter) motorcycle licence in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane.

To pass Sunstate, you will need to
Sunstate your Learners Motorcycle Licence from your Department of Main Roads and Transport -have a look at the Order of Motorcycle Licensing (pdf 123kb)
show that you are competent in a number of manoeuvres (pdf 97kb) and a road ride
complete a theory section which you can do on-line at home, before your practical session
once you have completed Sunstate, take your certificate to the Dept of Main Roads and Transport to have your licence upgraded (no extra charge)

Go and buy a Learner Approved motorcycle!
Not sure if you are ready to take the Sunstate Assessment? Try our self-assessment questions. (pdf 9kb).   If you are having trouble with any of these you will at the very least need to do a Refresher Course on the morning of your Sunstate assessment.  You can save money by booking the Refresher & Sunstate Package on the same day.


The information above will change when we start driver training.